Friday, April 10, 2009

Unanimous WIN for LHNA & Neighborhood

Liberty Hill Neighborhood Association joined with our neighbors yesterday to ask the Planning Commission to deny a permit to Alternative to Meds Center’s unlicensed drug treatment facility at 827 Guerrero, the Landmark McMullen House.

The Planning Commission voted unanimously to disapprove the permit. It’s a big win for our neighborhood, and congratulations to all of you for your involvement, your calls and letters, and your support. They were critically important in letting the Commissioners know that this facility is unnecessary, undesirable and incompatible with our neighborhood.

Our LHNA members stood with Friends of Guerrero, the San Jose / Guerrero Coalition, Fair Oaks Community Coalition and Mission Dolores Neighbors, to support our representatives who addressed the Commission. Elizabeth Zitrin spoke for Liberty Hill.

Our coalition of neighborhood groups told the Commission about inconsistencies and misrepresentations by Alternative to Meds Center (ATMC), about their violation of State Law, about the police and ambulance calls to 827 – three in a month for suicide attempts, and we told them why the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) had issued a Notice of Operation in VIOLATION OF LAW last Friday.

This was a model of cooperation among our neighborhood groups.

ATMC may appeal this decision, so stay tuned. We will keep you informed.

For those who were unable to attend, you can hear the audio here: Listen to Planning

You can watch the re-broadcast on SFGovTV this evening, Friday, April 10.

Or after today, you can watch it on your computer here: Watch Planning

For those of you who watch the replay, the neighborhood's testimony begins at about 37 minutes into the hearing. Prior to that (at about 20 minutes in), the Expediter for ATMC made a brief last minute request for a delay. That request was denied and a very successful hearing was held. Do watch or listen to get a good understanding of some of our issues.

You can see the Chronicle’s coverage on SFGate at ATMC SFGate.

And keep an eye out for coverage at MissionLocal.

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