Friday, May 28, 2010

Please send a letter of support to the Planning Department regarding the Spork Site!

Dear members and friends of Liberty Hill,

The Liberty Hill Neighborhood Association (LHNA) is concerned about the proposed development of 1050 Valencia Street, where Spork is, at the corner of Hill Street. There is a proposal for a very large, 5-story, 16 unit building with no parking spaces and no open space, over a restaurant. This location is at the edge of the Liberty Hill Historic District.

We understand that this location will be developed, and are happy to work with a responsible developer with an appropriate design. We are concerned now because of the dramatic negative impacts of this proposed design, which would dwarf everything in the surrounding area, and totally overwhelm the small historic block of Hill Street it sits on.

We have filed an appeal from the negative declaration on the Environmental Impact Report, and our hearing is scheduled for the afternoon of May 27. We’ll let you know about updates on the meeting. We expect that this will be one step, one hearing, in a process that may go through a number of phases, with more applications, meetings, appeals and public hearings. We know that numbers matter. It will be important to have people in the hearing room, and when people cannot be there, it will be very important to have letters. Writing a letter AND being at the hearing is the ideal!!

You can read the decision on the developer's submission (it’s a Negative Declaration on the Environmental Impact Report, or “Neg Dec”) and our appeal on the LHNA website at

Please email Clint Mitchell, Peter Heinecke, Risa Teitelbaum or John Levin with any questions.

Thank you very much !!

Sample Letter – Please copy and paste this text into an email and send it to Jeremy Battis, cc’ing and

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